NHRA – A Face Full of Nitro



This year I had an incredible opportunity to design the body for a 2015 NHRA Funny Car. To be perfectly honest, I really had never been that interested in the quarter mile.  I really didn’t know the first thing about these incredible machines, which fortunately doesn’t matter when you’ve got an incredible team of engineers to show you the way.

So a few weeks ago I managed to make it out to my first NHRA Nationals event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was honestly as life changing as my first Formula 1 race, the sheer brutality of these machines is something every car guy has got to witness.

The paddock access is really laid back so you can really get a close look at how the cars are put together. The crew will strip the still smoking hot motor down to nothing between runs, and test fire the deafeningly loud motors sending plumes of nitro exhaust into the faces of their most dedicated fans.

At one point I was snapping away as this old timer was fiddling with his rumbling V8, when all of a sudden I realized my eyes were starting to burn pretty bad. At that moment I took a big gulp of nitro laced air and immediately started choking. Water streaming from my burning eyes I frantically fled to a safe distance to get my shit together. Deaf, blind, and suffocating, I got back in there to try and capture the masked madman and his monster.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and get to an NHRA event next summer!

P.S. There are about 45 photos in this post. They are high res and may take a while to load depending on your connection.

Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_02Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_27Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_50Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_07Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_20Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_49Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_09 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_22Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_08Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_23 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_24 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_25 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_28 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_30 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_31Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_33 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_34 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_36Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_41Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_40Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_42Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_44 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_45 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_32Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_47 Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_48Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_04Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_05Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_06Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_38Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_19Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_39Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_03Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_13Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_16Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_15Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_11Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_18Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_10Curb_NHRA_LasVegas_12

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