Group 8A at this years Monterey Motorsports Reunion featured a massive field of almost 40 vintage Formula One cars from 1967-1984. The field featured an assortment ranging from the iconic to the obscure. Some, world champion pedigree machines, and others who I’d assume, would rather not dwell on their statistics. To see these cars resting in the paddock is exhilarating in itself, but to see them racing at Laguna Seca is something else altogether.

I hope you enjoy this collection of photos, as always, it was a pleasure to take them. Give the images a click to view them in 4K resolution, right click and save as to keep for your desktop!

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NHRA – A Face Full of Nitro



This year I had an incredible opportunity to design the body for a 2015 NHRA Funny Car. To be perfectly honest, I really had never been that interested in the quarter mile.  I really didn’t know the first thing about these incredible machines, which fortunately doesn’t matter when you’ve got an incredible team of engineers to show you the way.

So a few weeks ago I managed to make it out to my first NHRA Nationals event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was honestly as life changing as my first Formula 1 race, the sheer brutality of these machines is something every car guy has got to witness.

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Curb Montery Historic Reunion Laguna Seca

As a car guy I’d always been pretty embarrassed to say that I hadn’t been to Monterey car week, especially having lived in California for the better part of a decade. In my defense a handful of dummies had really made the whole thing out to be somewhat unattainable for someone like me. You’ve got to reserve a house at least a year in advance! Hotel? Forget it! Tickets for Pebble are $250! Brooks Brothers is mandatory!  Over the years, as I perpetuated this mythology in conversation, several people had pointed out “…Pebble is great and all, but the Historic Races at Laguna Seca are what it’s all about…”.

Since I’m a bit of a bone head it took me another half a decade to finally decide – God dammit I’m renting an RV and I’m going to Monterey Motorsports Reunion!

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We are really excited and honored to share this outstanding set of photos from designer, artist and photographer Jochen Paesen. He took a trip to the Le Mans Classic a couple weeks ago and has done a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of these timeless machines, and the intensity of the action. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do, and look forward to sharing more of Jochen’s work in the future.


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Our pals over at INK spent some time at a vintage gasser show a couple months ago, they had mentioned they’d probably come away with some shots for us, but I could never have expected what they’ve delivered here. It’s hard to believe these are even photos! Removing the backgrounds really accentuates the awesome profiles and super high ride heights on these beasts. The signature hand painted graphics also benefit from the lack of visual competition usually found at car events.

There is talk of some limited edition prints, so stay tuned! Until then, read on to check them out.

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CURB x INK 24 Hours of Le Mans


Having been intimately involved with the development of the SRT Viper GTS-R, this years 24 Hours of Le Mans was an event of massive significance. I arranged to meet my cousin David Macey in Paris, and from there we travelled to Le Mans. Dave is co-founder of London’s INK Workshop, and has access to some really nice cameras and lens’s which he put to great use over the weekend. After he returned to London his team set to editing and post processing this beautiful set of images. We set out to try and capture a unique perspective of this grueling event, but in the end I feel like Dave has created a body of work which goes far beyond a simple piece of photo journalism and into the realm of art.

It all seems like a dream now, but these photos do an amazing job of capturing the feeling. I hope you enjoy them.

Massive thanks to Dave and INK for all the hard work, and to SRT Motorsports for your hospitality.


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