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F40 and Defender T’s Now Available!

Pleased to have these 2 shirts available at We are really happy with the way they came out despite some challenges getting the ink colors just right.

The Ferrari F40 is one of our all time favorites, and if I could have any Ferrari this would almost definitely be the one. Designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina it was the last car which Enzo Ferrari personally approved. 

Ferrarii F40 T-Shirt By Curb

Inspired by the Willys the Land Rover was first developed by chief designer Maurice Wilks as a farm work truck in Wales in 1947. The Land Rover Ninety and One Ten were sold virtually unchanged from 1983 until 2015.



The Curb Shop Store Front Now Open
The Curb Shop Store Front

The Curb Shop has finally re-opened! (Well, actually we’ve been open almost 3 months in a sort of unofficial beta test mode) We are just getting started but there is all ready a pretty nice variety of stuff in stock. From Daniel Simons ‘The Timeless Racer’ T Shirts and Books to John Krsteski’s Porsche 917 paintings. Of course we are back to our own projects, creating automotive art with silk screen on American made T-Shirts, H-Point and automotive design education products, with much more to come!

We are now offering free domestic shipping in the US for all orders over $50 (minus a few large products)



Introducing the latest incarnation of H-Point:  The Fundamentals of Car Design & Packaging.  All-new illustrations and revised text mark the completely reformatted and tablet-friendly re-issue of the authoritative resource for automotive design and packaging. Integrated into the curriculum of a vast majority of the world’s leading transportation design programs, H-Point is a proven resource for both students and professionals. The e-book format now allows Curb Industries to offer this crucial material in more than 50 territories at a new low price of $19.99 — and, for a limited time, at an introductory price of only $9.99. While the initial launch is exclusive to the Apple iBook format, support for other platforms will arrive in 2014.

Available now on the iBook store!

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