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Curb Montery Historic Reunion Laguna Seca

As a car guy I’d always been pretty embarrassed to say that I hadn’t been to Monterey car week, especially having lived in California for the better part of a decade. In my defense a handful of dummies had really made the whole thing out to be somewhat unattainable for someone like me. You’ve got to reserve a house at least a year in advance! Hotel? Forget it! Tickets for Pebble are $250! Brooks Brothers is mandatory!  Over the years, as I perpetuated this mythology in conversation, several people had pointed out “…Pebble is great and all, but the Historic Races at Laguna Seca are what it’s all about…”.

Since I’m a bit of a bone head it took me another half a decade to finally decide – God dammit I’m renting an RV and I’m going to Monterey Motorsports Reunion!

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Took my first trip down to Columbus, Ohio for the Goodguys 16th PPG Nationals this past weekend. It was well worth the 3.5 hour drive, car shows like this always bring out a great mix of cars and people. The weather was perfect, the cars where awesome, and I fell madly in love with a rented Canon 6D and f/1.2 85mm Lens. I hope you have as much fun checking out these photos as I had taking them! 🙂

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